Dubai Miracle Garden Visit

Going here was not even planned, but I was not disappointed by 45 million blooming flowers in awesome shapes and structures that wraps the stunning designs. What DMG (Dubai Miracle Garden) has to offer is an eye catching color combinations achieved through 45 different flower varieties and color. Miracle Garden is one of a kind in the region and in the world for such a unique display and extravagant outdoor recreational destination. Miracle Garden in its First Phase is providing state of the art services and facilities including open parking, VIP parking, sitting areas, prayer room, toilet blocks, ablution facility, security room, first aid room, carts for handicapped visitors, retails and commercial kiosk and all other related services available to facilitate visitors.

Miracle Garden has the record in Guinness Book of Records for having the longest wall of flowers which will give a new landmark for Miracle Garden and for the City of Dubai, which is believed to be the leader in diverse and cultural tourist attraction.

Miracle Garden is a creation of a new tourism activity in the environmental tourism field. Growing rapidly in the world depending on natural resources, environment with optimum temperature which inspires people from different ages, male and female.

With Dubai winning the Expo2020 last month (November 2013) tourists and guests will be offered more attractions and exciting new landscapes to what DMG currently has to offer in the future.

How to get there? Two options on how to get there, one is getting a cab (taxi). Every cab driver knows DMG and they will get you there in no time. If you have your own ride, you can check out the location map links below.

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New Year 2014 – The view at Burj Khalifa Tower

Awesome fireworks display lights up Downtown Dubai’s sky as midnight strikes.

Getting there was not easy, even going to the right spot to set-up a tripod is difficult, but I made it anyway.

As a first-timer in Dubai, the list for “must-see” and “must-visit” are limitless, one of this is the popular Burj Khalifa Tower. Situated at the heart of Downtown Dubai, is the worlds tallest tower, the centre for the world’s finest shopping, dining and entertainment.

Happy New Year!